Welcome to Trillium Off-Road Recovery!

Trillium Off-Road Recovery is social media network created for off-road enthusiasts who are willing to help other off-road users when they get stuck, stranded or broken down while off the roadway. We are NOT a towing company and do NOT offer ON-ROAD towing services. We are simply a place to come to connect with other like minded individuals if you find yourself in need of an off-road recovery.

IF YOU NEED OFF-ROAD ASSISTANCE: Please go to our FACEBOOK GROUP, and post your GPS or 3 word app location, a picture of your stuck, stranded or broken down vehicle, and your contact information. From there we will share your post and our members across Ontario will come to your aid. We do not guarantee off-road recovery services as we are merely a networking service. All of the followers of our group are volunteers and we have no paid staff.

Trillium Off-Road Recovery has volunteers who put on guided rides on ATV/SXS, snowmobiles and 4×4 vehicles. The rides are put on throughout the year so keep an eye on the event section of our site for upcoming rides near you.

As a not for profit our group depends on the generous donations from our sponsors. Please checkout our sponsor tab which lists all of our active sponsors.

Some not so fine print. Responding to someones request posted on any of our media formats does NOT give you permission to trespass, enter onto ANYONE’S property without permission or enter ANY trail system without the appropriate associated trail pass. Trillium will NEVER endorse breaking the law, and this includes trespassing to go assist another stuck person. Trillium does NOT provide any liability protection to you and/or your vehicle, and we are NEVER directing anyone to undertake an off-road recovery or rescue. Any actions you take are fully of your own decision.


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