Our network is designed to be a place where you can post requests for off road assistance if you are stuck or broken down. Please join our Facebook group to request off road assistance. If your require off-road assistance use our FACEBOOK GROUP to post your: GPS location (or exact address), a picture of your vehicle, and your contact information. Our members will respond directly to your request.

Additional information

Trillium Off Road Recovery was created by off-road enthusiasts who wanted to help other off-road users when they get stuck, stranded or broken down.

The concept of this network is to connect people across Ontario with others who may be able to assist them. Meeting someone on our network does NOT mean that they are a licensed towing/recovery operator nor does it mean that any liability coverage is being provided. Use this network at your own risk and your own liability.

We are not a business, and although we do not ask for funding please recognize that our volunteers rescuers pay for their own gas, machine maintenance and recovery equipment much of which needs to be replaced after frequent use.

We can NOT guarantee recovery services as we are a completely community based network.

The not so fine, print:

Trillium Off-Road Recovery and their associated groups/networks first concern is safety. That being said Trillium Off Road Recovery and their associated groups, it’s admin(s), creators and any users do not endorse risking injury or death in the use of our page or the assistance of anyone else. Nothing is worth you getting hurt or dying over. If you are not licensed/trained for recoveries please do not attempt them. Trillium Off-Road Recovery and their associated groups does not endorse the recovery of persons or vehicles involved in ANY illegal activities nor do they endorse breaking the law to assist in a rescue (ie. trespassing or damaging others property). Being a member of Trillium Off-Road Recovery and their associated groups does not provide lawful access to private or paid trails such as OFSC or COATV trails. All persons using this page or requesting assistance from Trillium Off-Road Recovery and associated groups relinquish all groups, there admins, moderators, users and anyone assisting in the vehicle recovery from civil liability as a result of their actions during the assistance.


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