How do I get off-road assistance?

Our group depends on volunteers in the community to help one another out. If your stuck, stranded or broken do, go to our Facebook group and post a picture of your vehicle, GPS or 3 word app location and your contact number. Our community based volunteers will respond directly to your request.

Do you charge fees for services?

NO! We are a not for profit organization. We don’t demand money to help people but we encourage those who are helped to pay it forward. We will accept donations.

What areas does the group cover?

As our name implies we are based out of Orillia, Ontario but we have members across the province of Ontario. Feel free to post your requests for ANYWHERE in Ontario.

How can I help the TOR cause?

We are always looking for volunteers for both online and in person events. All of our members are volunteers and we operate off donations. If you would like to help please send us a message.

How do I order merchandise?

You can order merchandise through our website, from us at an event or by simply sending us a message.

How are we funded?

We are a not for profit group. All of our staff our volunteers. That being said we do have expenses. From websites an advertising to tents , signs and banners we have a need to fundraise to cover overhead costs. We operate through the generous donations from sponsors, individuals and fundraisers.


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