Terms and Conditions

Attendees of all our rides (4×4 or ATV/SxS) are required to sign a waiver before participating in events organized by Trillium Off-Road Recovery (TOR). Off-roading in any form is inherently dangerous. If anyone gets injured (or worse), Trillium Off-Road Recovery and it’s agents, volunteers, etc. will NOT be held responsible, or liable for it.

Our 4×4 runs (SUV’s/Trucks) come with some added restrictions. All vehicles must be plated and insured, and all attendees must be licensed and be members of the OF4WD. This is for insurance and liability reasons.

Prior to being allowed to participate, all relevant documents must be shown to the organizers.

Due to a repeat of “no-shows”, some events will require a set donation amount to attend. These donations help TOR ensure that the people that sign up actually attend the event (we always have a lengthy waiting list). If your payment is NOT received within 24hrs of registration, your registration will be deleted. Trillium Off-Road Recovery is a not-for-profit organization, but your donations do help us keep the lights on.

Alcohol, Drugs, etc.
Alcohol or drugs will NOT be tolerated on any of our rides. If at any time, we feel that a driver is seen consuming (in any form), or may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will contact the police and you will be banned from any future TOR events.

Code of Conduct
We pride ourselves on maintaining a relaxed, friendly environment. With that in mind, when you attend our rides, leave any big egos or attitudes at home. Any tough guy, macho attitudes and egos aren’t appreciated or tolerated, nor is bullying, show-offs, or other toxic personalities. In short…don’t be a jerk. If you can’t maintain yourself in a civil manor, you will be asked to leave the event, and you will not be allowed to any future events.

Dangerous Driving
Okay…we know and accept that off-roading comes with risks. However, risks can be mitigated by not driving in a reckless manor, or partaking in especially dangerous driving. If someone gets hurt due to your dangerous driving on the trails, you could be held responsible, and/or convicted of, for example Criminal Negligence, in a court of law.


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